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Hello! I’m Vikas Yadav a self-taught Developer with twenty years work experience. Now I’m based in Sikkim, India, remotely working for Peer Water Exchange and enjoying the life in the countryside.

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Since 2018 |

A personal project which started as a form of activism. The project geolocates the visitor in India and presents it with all the elected and appointed staff that belons to that location. It helps the visitor with direct contact details like email address and phone numbers of the government staff. It is a means to help citizens take control of their own staff that is supposed to be working for the benefit of the citizens. Since most citizens in the country don’t know much about the staff responsible for any of their civic problems, it tries to bridge the gap. I collect this information from all public sources and websites. I also fetch this info through RTI (Right To Information). It is an on-going project. It heavily relies of massive amount of data that is shown correctly based of village/ward/city/districrt and state levels. The project was written in PHP Framework Yii 1 and now migrated to Yii 2.x. It is operating in 6 different languages with the help of gettext.


Since 2018 | Peer Water Exchange

The organization is NGO working with corporates and other NGOs in managing funds and the respective projects been executed. The the main focus is towards water and sanitation projects in urban and rural South India. I am responsible in managing the entire technical infrastructure of the servers and the websites. The setup here is mainly Ruby-on-Rails on Amazon EC2. I work here remotely. These days working on upgrade of the code from RoR 3.2 to 6. Have reached 48% code coverage and massive refactoring has been done in the codebase and database structure. This will help in the new features that have been planned. Also working on porting the React Native Android app to AndroidX and new API calls.


2013-2016 | Digiscend

In Digiscend we were creating products for construction and engineering contractors working for Mining and Energy companies in Peru. We collect data of projects done by contractors and organize it making it usable and searchable. Thereafter creating our commercial products. I started this venture with a partner in Peru. I am the only programmer doing all development on this platform. Primary development is based on PHP/Mysql. Uses Wordpress for many tools used on the website. We also did OCR of massive government data sets using tesseract-ocr, Perl and bash script. We are using linear regression algorithm for machine learning cost estimation. Content work is handled from India and Peru. Data is also collected from customers in Peru and India.


2012-2013 | Investvine

The primary domain in this company is Financial and Investment publications for the ASEAN and middle eastern regions. I am responsible in maintenance of existing software setups and servers in the company. I am also hands-on programmer in developing all the softwares being used, internal and external. I participate in all aspects of technology planning and execution. Major products developed here are based on content and I develop, improve and maintain all content management systems being used by all teams. I have to work together with the editorial, marketing and operations teams in helping with their requests and software improvements. I report to the CEO and the COO of the company. All code written here uses open source software. Code is under a continuous testing and monitoring system. We also work following the agile principles of software development. Also in development are some cutting edge content based products that can help our customers get information most refined manner.

Project Lead

2011-2012 | Hotelogix

This employment had shifted me to the hospitality domain. Hotelogix is a Property Management System. It is a SaaS application on cloud. The development team is based in Noida, India. As a multi lingual web based product serves to hotel owners/operators across the globe. The hotel operators use it to manage entire properties in all aspects of the business. I joined the company HMS Infotech Pvt. Ltd. in Nov 2010 as a Product Manager. I was responsible for the entire technical arm for product. I enjoy playing many roles here. Working as a team leader, as a hands-on programmer, QA team leader, Amazon Web Services maintainer and as Architect. To balance between market demands as well as very importantly to continue to scale the product in customer transaction volume, security and stability. Hotelogix is the first web application of its kind and even more running on a cloud. Being at that edge, innovative means to improve the product is a continues process. Have also been busy setting up a complete automatic integration system on the development process. The CI allows to refine the software coding practises and also to bring a stronger predictability. Product is also a victim of the startup rush that is common in the industry. Therefore clearing up the Technical Debt is always a challenge. Also been training the team in better coding practises and how that helps to achieve a happy floor. Hotelogix has been developed using open source software.


2007-2011 | Educomp Learning Hour

The company is a subsidiary of Educomp Solutions Ltd (EDUCOMP). Educomp is a globally diversified education solutions provider and the largest education company in India. Educomp Group reaches out to over 21,000 schools and 10.99 million learners and educators across the world. Working with Educomp Learning Hour Pvt. Ltd.,New Delhi. Joined in May 2007 as a Project Manager and got promoted within one year as President-Technology Team. I am responsible for the entire technical arm for software development. The primary project is operating the software of the education portal as well as the offline servers installed in tuition centres. Supporting real-time virtual software driven classrooms using the web as well as supporting the offline centre using digital content delivered within the classroom from the local servers. We have managed 9 intensive server systems located different places in New Delhi and Ludhiana. Also managed entire HR and business data within our single system. All software has been developed from scratch in 2 years using one hundred percent open source software.

Project Lead

2006-2007 | Caneum

Project Lead

2005-2006 | Woodapple Interactive


2002-2005 | Blueage


2000-2002 | Pitara Kids Network
















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